Parissa Djafari, D.D.S.
Creating Beautiful Smiles


I literally stumbled onto Dr. Djafari several years ago, when my old dentist retired and I was looking for a new dentist.  What a pleasant surprise that has turned out to be.  She has cleaned, whitened, replaced old fillings, put in new fillings, fit me with crowns and even fixed my old crooked teeth with Invisalign.  I am in my 50’s and my teeth (smile) are looking like I am in my 20’s.  I really don’t mind visiting the dentist these days, because I can really see the value of a nice smile and nice teeth.  I remember one particular visit, where I had been in “the chair” for a couple hours and she could tell I was getting tired of “having her hand in my mouth.”  To my surprise, she put Vaseline on my dry bottom lip and messaged my jaw bones and temples.  That moment I decided she was going to be my dentist for life.  I told my wife, mother and my kids (27, and 31 years old) about the compassionate dentist I had discovered.  They gave Dr. Djafari a try and now they are her patients as well.  Dr Djafari is the greatest of all time!

January 2011

Your Adoring Patient,



I have been a patient of Dr. Parissa Djafari since she began her practice in Riverside, California. During this time I have come to know her as a kind and gentle professional who makes the care and comfort of her patients a top priority. I appreciate the fact that she always takes a little the extra time to make certain that I am satisfied with the procedure. On one occasion she spent an inordinate amount of time making certain that my upper and lower teeth were aligned properly; grinding small areas for a perfect fit. With each and every procedure requiring precautions be taken against pain, Dr Djafari makes certain the area is properly numbed before beginning her work. She is a perfectionist who takes pride in her work. I would not hesitate to recommend to her to anyone seeking high quality dentistry in a friendly team orientated environment.

On a personal level Dr. Djafari is not just your typical dentist making small talk and rushing on to the next patient. On the contrary, Dr. Djafari is an individual who likes people and takes the time to get to know them. Dr. Djafari meets people where they are at in life, is a wonderful conversationalist, is well educated, cultured and has traveled extensively. Unfortunately the nature of dental work makes many conversations one sided but I must admit I look forward to the next dental appointment and catching up with the Doctor. Most importantly Dr. Djafari is family orientated; she has strong ties to her own family and makes these values a center piece of her practice.

October 2010


Robert Harvey


Dr. Djafari’s Practice in Riverside has become one of those small, unexpected but wonderful treasures in life, like a favorite bakery or bookstore. We feel extraordinarily fortunate in our find.

July 2010

William and Nancy

Riverside, CA

Dr. Djafari,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the courtesy and the warm caring feeling that each of you shared with me during each of my dental visits. Truly, I felt more like a family member than a patient.

After a childhood of negative dental contacts, you and each member of your staff realized and understood the extreme fear and apprehension that I was experiencing during my first dental visit in thirty years. I’m embarrassed to admit that, as a fifty year old man with twenty-five years of law enforcement experience, I sat white-knuckled and trembling in the dental chair. Everyone in your office went above and beyond the call of duty to make me feel welcome and comfortable.

My experience was so pleasant that I opted to undergo a complete dental hygiene plan that I desperately needed and that you established for me. Four visits later, with my fear completely gone, I trust you and your staff to render the best dental care available while providing me with a pleasant, pain-free experience. I am thrilled with the progress and the results that we have achieved to date and look forward to completing the hygiene plan. Your attention to detail and your commitment to quality are phenomenal. My only regret is that I did not visit your office sooner.

In closing, I would like to thank you for your dedication and professionalism. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the lunches that you voluntary worked through and the early appointments that you squeezed me into with little notice to complete my extensive dental procedures. I recognize your hard work and I am grateful.

July 2010